Day 8 / 100 Days to More ~

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In this era, people are focused on taking selfies, how many likes they can get, and how unbelievably special and amazing they are. There’s so much hype to believe in yourself. It’s so bogus! Here’s what I know – you are special, but not in the way you think you are.

You will make mistakes. You will hurt people’s feelings. You will care too much about some things and not enough about others. You will break commitments. You will fall short. You are not amazing. So, if you pour all of your thinking about how special you are into one bucket, you will come up empty. But there’s hope. Even though you will make mistakes, you are not a mistake. When the world wants you to believe how special you are, take stock that you are special only because you were created for a reason. It’s not about what you look like, how amazing you are, or how confident you can be, it’s about the person, the gits, the talents, the reason why you were born. If you want more in life, think less of yourself and thank God more because He made you on purpose…and that’s amazing and special.

Action: Remind someone how special they are because God created them…and He doesn’t mess up.

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