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Day 8 / 100 Days to More ~

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In this era, people are focused on taking selfies, how many likes they can get, and how unbelievably special and amazing they are. There’s so much hype to believe in yourself. It’s so bogus! Here’s what I know – you are special, but not in the way you think you are.

You will make mistakes. You will hurt people’s feelings. You will care too much about some things and not enough about others. You will break commitments. You will fall short. You are not amazing. So, if you pour all of your thinking about how special you are into one bucket, you will come up empty. But there’s hope. Even though you will make mistakes, you are not a mistake. When the world wants you to believe how special you are, take stock that you are special only because you were created for a reason. It’s not about what you look like, how amazing you are, or how confident you can be, it’s about the person, the gits, the talents, the reason why you were born. If you want more in life, think less of yourself and thank God more because He made you on purpose…and that’s amazing and special.

Action: Remind someone how special they are because God created them…and He doesn’t mess up.

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Day 7 / 100 Days to More ~

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What do we think of ourselves?  Do we think mightily or minimally?  Hopeful or hopeless?  Compliant or critical? The reason I ask is because the way we think of who we are sets the course for our lives because we tend to take our thoughts as truth.  But if you peel back the onion and get to the core, you will understand there is only one Truth, God.  The Truth that sets you free is God’s Word.

When we fill our mind with His Words, we can live more securely, our worries lighter, heart fuller, and thoughts safer.  The was we think of ourselves doesn’t have to be how the world thinks.  The world doesn’t define our success, our status, our story.  We define those things in Jesus name.  To state it boldly and bravely, we are not of this world.  Don’t give into thinking less, start thinking more.  When you decide you want more for your life, proclaim a victory mentality, not a victim. Rejoice in thinking good thoughts, not reduce who you are.  Your truth is in Him, so don’t shrink, instead you should strengthen your resolve for His glory in your life.

Action:  Open the pages of His Word and ask God to remind you of who you are. 

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Day 6 / 100 Days to More ~

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The lies we believe harm us in ways that even the most definitive words are unable to properly convey. It’s hard to believe sound truth if our mind is flooded with confusion, false stories, and negative opinions. These condemnations stem from the enemy, not God above.

When thoughts like, “You got zero talent, you’ll never make it, you’re not smart enough” begin to emerge, you must resist the lies. Or, thoughts that begin to swirl about others, “She has big dreams, but won’t go anywhere. She has more excuses as to why she doesn’t start than… He isn’t smart so he won’t achieve his goal.” Those lies emerge because we’re insecure and hurting. When we hear a lie, we may treat it like truth, and then we allow it to define us like a label. However, the only label we need to believe is the one God has already given us. That’s how we should treat ourselves and each other. God created us fearfully and wonderfully made. If we want more in life then believe His truth and resist the lies bonding us to despair. Lies only hurt us and how we view others.

Action: Start today and do this for an entire week. Every time you begin to label yourself or someone else, stop and write it down. At the end of the week, count how many times you allowed lies to stop you. You’ll be surprised at the number. Next, pray and ask God to protect your thinking and learn how to think of His label for you.

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Day 5 / 100 Days to More ~

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The hardest thing about being more, having more, or doing more is starting.  To start a journey towards anything is the hardest first step to take.  But, the moment you take the first step, the moment you start, little seeds of courage begin to sprout.  Whatever God has stirred in your soul, what makes your heart beat a little faster, your smile a little bigger, your eyes light up, your face gets joyful, and a little more pep in your step, well my dear friend, that is your more….and you can only grasp the beginning if you start.

More could be signing up for singing lessons, having the tough conversation, composing your story, writing a check, saying, “I do”, reading a book, spending time with a quality friend, going on date night, walking align with Jesus, volunteering at a shelter, opening your home to Foster kids, sending an email, saying goodbye to a toxic person or thing, standing up for yourself, leading up, fighting for your marriage to survive by first letting the pride fall, signing up for a class, deciding to pursue excellence instead of mediocrity, writing the blog, or resigning from a job you dislike to follow the dream in your heart.

Friend, imagine that you started, your heart is beating a different rhythm, your purpose in life feels soul-giving, and the whispering in your insides have begun to scream, “This is JOY. This is REAL.  This is MORE.”  Don’t wait another second of your life living someone else’s more when you can be living yours.  Time is limited.

Action:  What does it look like to take a first step today that will help you start the thing God has imprinted in your heart and soul?

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Day 4 / 100 Days to More ~

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There is something powerful about seeing someone being more, doing more, and living more.  They didn’t settle, they decided to soar.  I don’t know about you, but when I witness ordinary people doing extraordinary things, it inspires me.  For others, it may cause envy, sadness, or even hatred.  When all of us should be amazed at people living their more out of life, some of our flesh react differently.  It breaks my heart.  But, guess what, it doesn’t have to be like that for anyone.  We could all rejoice for others.

Life will be hard, that’s a given.  Life will keep us down if we allow it.  Life will unveil emotions and thoughts we didn’t think we had.  But friend, take hold in this one thing, we should not forget what we have when chasing things we want.  Therefore, we should rejoice in people’s desires for more and cheerlead when they receive more.  When we give, we get so much more in return.   When we give, we are being more because it comes from the heart and that’s powerful, selfless, and priceless.  Remember, more isn’t what the world thinks of success and, sadly, most people get lost in that thinking.  More is how we walk in faith, talk in the flesh, and live like Jesus. How powerful!

Action:  Next time something good happens for a friend, family member, or colleague, write how it makes you feel.  Think about those feelings (joy, pain, etc) and begin to understand the root cause.

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