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Spiritual health is at the core. Everything revolves around Jesus. If I can coach others about their spiritual gifts, calling and purpose than that would be a wonderful day. As a coach, my mission is for everyone to feel the 9 fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) and experience it daily.


I grew up in a dysfunctional childhood so I feel passionate about creating good, solid, healthy relationships, which involves thinking the best about yourself and eliminating the negative self-talk that was created. I desire to help people believe what they are, not what they have been told. Each one of us are a Masterpiece…You Just have to Think It and Believe It!


Growing up I didn’t know about proper nutrition or fitness, but when I raised my right hand to join the Military my life forever changed. TSgt Witherspoon, my recruiter, said, “Shannon, you need to lose weight before you go into boot camp.” From that day, I changed my life with food and fitness and have plenty of hours under my belt for fitness and nutrition training. What you put in comes out!


I’ve been through difficult times – by fate, by purpose, and by fault. I learned that my feelings can’t control me! I learned to act instead of react. I could have stayed depressed, feeling sorry for me, playing the pity party, and/or being my very own martyr. Instead, I learned to not take anything personally because of what others do. I learned to be responsible and accountable for myself. I am like an M&M (hard on the outside and soft on the inside, but its okay…means I’m human and have a heart! In the end, I give myself permission on how to feel.


I grew up in a household that was poor, on welfare and food stamps, and had a parent file bankruptcy. I knew I never wanted to follow in the same foot prints so I took classes on money. I have never been in debt, never had a credit card, and made wise decisions about money. It’s all about choices! Wants versus needs.


When attending social events, people are timid, especially if it involves dining etiquette. Social settings may include how to start-up a conversation, what is a proper handshake, what is the correct side to wear a name tag, how to be a guest or host an event, public speaking, proper dress attire for social/casual/business/formal, and in basic terms, how to interact with others in social situations. I’ve been to Protocol School (Event and Ceremonial Planning); therefore, I am skilled to assist people in various social settings. I desire for others to own it when they walk into any room. Keep your head up, shoulders back, eyes forward, big smile, peaceful stance…Confidence is paramount.


Growing up without really having a family taught me nothing about relationships, and as a result I made many mistakes with loved ones, family, friends, and people in between. I stopped the curse and went to counseling. Reverend Haynes taught me the most powerful lessons that changed my life: 1. You can’t make anyone love you. 2. You are only accountable for yourself. 3. You are in control of your life. 4. You can’t change anyone, but yourself. 5. Live by the Golden Rule. — Surround yourself with people that make you better, lift you up. If you want to be honorable, surround yourself with honorable people.

Vocational – (Military and Corporate)

I have experience with starting a new job, leaving an old job, and trying to decide what to do in life. During these times, I had no one help me and I could have succumbed to depression or a dead-end job, but I buckled up and created my own path…let me help you find yours.

When someone is well-balanced, it makes the biggest difference in the world. They have peace. They can conquer any task, none too big. They are happy and have true joy. They encourage others and are happy for other’s blessings. They have confidence and are secure with themselves. They love unconditionally. They are a beacon of hope. They shine bright. They help others. Wow.   But, when someone doesn’t have balance, their life is tilted, they feel hopeless, they feel burdened, they feel discouraged, they feel lost.

 As a coach, my mission to help people and watch them see the mountain, climb the mountain, reach their goal (certain spot of the mountain), and then surpass the highest point they think they can achieve…and then they go beyond what they never dreamed imaginable. What’s your mountain?  Are you ready to overcome it?