Day 5 / 100 Days to More ~

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The hardest thing about being more, having more, or doing more is starting.  To start a journey towards anything is the hardest first step to take.  But, the moment you take the first step, the moment you start, little seeds of courage begin to sprout.  Whatever God has stirred in your soul, what makes your heart beat a little faster, your smile a little bigger, your eyes light up, your face gets joyful, and a little more pep in your step, well my dear friend, that is your more….and you can only grasp the beginning if you start.

More could be signing up for singing lessons, having the tough conversation, composing your story, writing a check, saying, “I do”, reading a book, spending time with a quality friend, going on date night, walking align with Jesus, volunteering at a shelter, opening your home to Foster kids, sending an email, saying goodbye to a toxic person or thing, standing up for yourself, leading up, fighting for your marriage to survive by first letting the pride fall, signing up for a class, deciding to pursue excellence instead of mediocrity, writing the blog, or resigning from a job you dislike to follow the dream in your heart.

Friend, imagine that you started, your heart is beating a different rhythm, your purpose in life feels soul-giving, and the whispering in your insides have begun to scream, “This is JOY. This is REAL.  This is MORE.”  Don’t wait another second of your life living someone else’s more when you can be living yours.  Time is limited.

Action:  What does it look like to take a first step today that will help you start the thing God has imprinted in your heart and soul?

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