– When you know what’s right and still choose wrong – 6/52 Blog 2020

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Decisions are the navigation for the direction of our life, and where we end up is based on how we choose.

If we were honest with ourselves, we would freely admit that we are selfish, insatiable people. We want the perks – enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness, love, contentment, money – now. We don’t want to wait; we want to fill the emptiness with the longing of our hearts desire. The sad thing about our unwillingness to wait is we will usually suspend the greatness we could have later for the mediocrity of what we get now. Then regret begins to form and we get mad at ourselves for giving into the cravings of our flesh. It’s an unhealthy never-ending toxic cycle, and if we truly want what’s right for us, we must break the cycle of what’s wrong with us.

It’s not hard to do what is right, but we make it so. We know we should eat the broccoli instead of the cheeseburger. Listen to a podcast instead of music with profanity and nasty lyrics. Read a book instead of gossiping at the lunch table. Being kind to the people who treated us unkindly. Staying away from the jerk who is no good for us and going nowhere in life. Standing firm in our boundaries even when others try to make us feel guilty for bettering our future. It’s hard. But, it’s a must. How we treat our body now will better protect it from disease and illness later. What we fill our mind with now will better preserve our thinking and development. How we allow others to treat ourselves will be an open door to pain or a closed door to joy. Who we love will make us better or make us worse, smiles ready to chase our dreams or tears with doubt, hurt, and insecurity? Sadly, I’ve seen more people choose what’s wrong for them and they live in hardship having to fight battles that could have been avoided. Regret then becomes their outcome as they reflect back at what could have been.

So, let me help you choose what’s right. Here are a few tips: 1. Your awareness level must be focused on the environment around you, because the second you stop being attentive is the second you may end up where you never wanted to be. 2. You have to choose to love yourself for the long haul. When you love yourself, you will stop treating your body, mind, and heart with disrespect, dishonor, and disliking. 3. You have to choose you’re worthy of what’s right. Many times, we think we aren’t worthy of the best so we settle for what is instead of soaring to what could be. Please don’t settle anymore. There’s only one of you in a world of 7.6 billion people, that number tells me you’re pretty special. 4. Stop choosing to fill a temporary want of insatiable happiness when the permanent feeling is what you really need. Sure, it may take more time, work, energy, and even money, but it is permanent. 5. No more wanting when your needs are met, because a need is something you aren’t willing to compromise on. Wants are fleeting, but needs are a must have. Decide your best life is a need you aren’t willing to compromise on. It’s never too late to begin choosing what’s right. Start now. Your future is depending on you!

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