Day 61 / 100 Days to More ~

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Drainers – we’ve all got them – you know, people who suck the oxygen out of the room, people who invade your physical and mental space with their ongoing issues. People whom you know you’ve been commanded by God to love, but it’s really, really hard. Sometimes such people create conflict because they enjoy drama.

I’m sure you know this type – someone who seems to get a “high” when there is dissension among friends or family members. People who generate drama can drain your energy and make your life so heavy that you can’t drag your fanny out of the house or even produce a smile. Want to get your life back to normal or even have a pleasant demeanor, then put the hand against the drainer. Bottom line – if someone is pushing your buttons, it’s not that person’s fault…it’s your fault for not setting your own boundaries. It’s your fault for not shutting down the negativity. Take charge of your life…surround yourself with people that lift you up, not bring you down!

Action: Who you hang out with impacts your life, are they lifting you to a brighter tomorrow or holding you anchor?

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