Day 41 / 100 Days to More ~

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Body Temple – What does your nutrition look like?  How are your sleeping habits?  How often do you exercise, both aerobic and strength training?  Can you bend over and touch your toes, are you flexible?  Do you take a multi-vitamin?  Do you drink the recommended amount of water you should drink each day?  Are you deliberate about the foods you eat?  Do you surrender for what you want because it’s familiar…even if it doesn’t serve your best interest?  Do you have quiet time to give your mind a break?  How do you intentionally care for your brain?  How do you take care of the one body you are given, does your body say, “Thank You” or does it say, “Please help me.”  How do you practice self-care, list at least 5-ways?  Will you be around a long time because you take care of yourself well now?

A person can be said to be healthy when their body is healthy and the mind is clear and calm. While many people may not have material problems, they may be unhappy or agitated at the psychological level. They may suffer from insomnia due to stress, or feel depressed, irritable and aimless. All these are the result of an unbalanced mind. Unfortunately, most of our attempts to become happy relate only to the body.

Action:  What does your body temple health look like? 

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