Day 39 / 100 Days to More ~

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Time/Talent/Treasure – Time is the one thing you will never get back, it’s priceless.  How do you use your time, with care or frivolously?  Do you spend it on the couch watching television each night or are you investing time with your purpose?  Have you ever taken a study on what you spend your time on?  Is it growing you, or depleting you?  Talent – God created you uniquely with gifts and talents.  Are you using your gifts or wasting them?  There’s only one of you in the world equipped to be you…what are you doing with your natural abilities?  Are you burying your talents resulting is the world not receiving what God gave you?  Are you building them and sharing them with others?  Matthew 25:14-30  Treasure – What are you spending your money on?  Does it give you temporary happiness or permanent joy?  Does it only serve you or does it help serve His Kingdom?  Look at your bank account and determine if you are spending well by investing in yourself and your purpose?

Life isn’t about money, things you buy, and the stuff you accumulate. It’s about who you touch, who you help and how compassionate you are. It’s about inspiring, motivating, encouraging and making people better. It’s about living every moment, cherishing the greatness around you, and appreciating everything around you. It’s about giving to those less fortunate than you, humbly giving your time and talent, and investing in causes voluntarily. Life is knowing that you can truly change the world one act of kindness, one person, and one gift at a time.

Action:  What does your time/talent/treasure health look like? 

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