Day 31 / 100 Days to More ~

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Without good direction, people lose their way; therefore, the wiser counsel one follows, the better their chances of survival.  When chasing more for your life, our closest family and friends may steer us from our destination so we must find strength with other people, good people, in our life to converse with.  This is sometimes challenging because good people are sometimes hard to find. 

To determine who are the good people in your life, answer the following questions.  Who do I trust?  Base this on repeated results.  Who have I seen exhibit wisdom in their lives?  Wise people live wise lives.  Who have I seen repeatedly being trustworthy?  Who have I seen experience failure or hardship and stand strong in the face of adversity?  Failure is often the best teacher.  When a person meets these basic criteria, plug into their awareness.  This may result into something beautiful, bold, and believing in yourself that you never thought possible.  All who wander or not lost.

Action:  What would you ask someone of wise counsel for your life purpose and direction?

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