Day 3 / 100 Days to More ~

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When you feel an unsettling nudge to your spirit, it’s probably telling you that it’s time for a change…even if you don’t know what the change is supposed to be.  Many of us ignore that unsettled feeling in our hearts, minds, and spirit because we are afraid.  We’re afraid so we don’t do anything with it and we lose out. 

But, if you sat down and shared your life, you’d be able to identify times when you made the hard, unpopular choices that catapulted you into the next Chapter of your life story.  Most of us overlook the times when the unsettling began because we acted on it so quickly, without thinking or hesitation.  In these times, life was possibly the hardest, but the most rewarding.  But you did it so don’t be like most people and forget how strong and brave you really are.

Action:  Think back on your life and reflect on at least two times when you acted on that feeling and give yourself kudos for following through.

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