Day 2 / 100 Days to More ~

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It’s scary to be who you’re meant to be in this day and age.  It certainly is hard to be your real self because you’re vulnerable to thoughts, judgement, ostracization, and people being just plain ol’ mean.  Let’s be honest, no wants that petty bologna in our lives.  We want peace and joy even if we’re being fake.  However, we were made for more than other people’s snotty comments and verdict finding.  This is your life, and you must be able to account for it as no one else will stand in your place when the times comes. Conversations, being authentic, and owning who you are (good, bad, and really ugly parts) takes bravery, courage.  Your weakest moments, the secrets only God knows, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what your dreams are, what you desire most…sharing your story takes guts, but guess what, you’re no ordinary person.  You are a child of the utmost High.  Your strength at your most dire times comes from God, and you can do all things through Him. 

It only takes one person to start a sharing journey of more.  Like a domino effect, once you declare who you fundamentally are, others will follow.  Life is too short to never start letting the rest of the world see the real you…the imperfectly perfect you.  Be brave because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind the real you.  People want more!  People don’t want to hear the success stories, people want to hear the struggles and the failures and how you overcame them or how you need help to breakthrough. 

Action:  Start today defining who you are (start small with a baby step) and be transparent with how you think, how you feel, a hardship you’re facing, and/or what you want with your life.  Friend, if you want more out of life, than you must be willing to give more of the real you.

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Happy 2019! To start the year off right, we will be living out 100 Days to More!

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Day 1 / 100 Days to More~ Do you feel there is more than this? Do you know what your ‘more’ is or do you just feel you were created for more in this life than what you’re actually doing and living out? Do you feel lost or stuck in a place where life is holding you captive? Well guess what, you were created for more and today starts the first day of the best days of your life! Let’s go!

To begin, you must be brave. Fear is false evidence appearing real and most people hide in fear. They sadly never experience all they were meant for. But there’s hope clothed in strength if you’re willing to set fear aside. Courage is doing things when you’re scared while being brave isn’t something that happens when you’re not scared anymore. Brave people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear….they hear the whispers of fear and take action anyway. Being brave is hearing the voice in your head, feeling the angst in your stomach, but being bold with clarity and declaring, “I was made for a purpose and for a purpose.”

Action: Do one thing that scares you. Make the phone call. Stand up for yourself. Go out alone. Book the trip. Ask for a raise. Have the tough conversation you’ve been dreading. Say, “no” to something or someone that drains you. Be honest about how you really feel. Write the blog. Launch the website. Chase your dreams whatever they may be. Just do one thing that scares you….leave the excuses and elevate yourself with bravery to see the results.

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You’re Mine, You’re Special, You’re Loved

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When I was told I would never amount to anything, it haunted me for years. I turned that death sentence into life meaning. You are not a hot mess, but a inspiring message and I hope this video gets you to believe in yourself.

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Weight Loss Wednesday

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Your body is asking, “Please take care of me.”

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Stop Being Afraid

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Let’s be honest, most of us hide who we truly are because we are afraid of what other people will think about us, let alone gossip about us behind our backs!  So, instead we wear a mask of perfection, meaning everything is great, my life looks exactly like I portray it to be on Facebook. (How many likes did I get for that post?)  Yet, in reality, it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

My question is why?  Why do we put on an act?  Why do we care so much about what other people think?  Why do we make believe instead of being real?  Why can’t we be honest about our ugly parts as we showcase our pretend existence?

The AnswerWe are afraid. Afraid of rejection, afraid to fail, afraid we’re not good enough in the eyes of the world, afraid to be rebuked, afraid to change, afraid to be vulnerable…the list can go on, but the bottom line is we’re afraid.




Friend, you and I both cannot launch into 2019 in fear.  2019 could finally be our best year…if we could be honest.

So how do we get honest about our deepest fear….who we truly are….the good, the bad, and the ugly?  You know the ugly I’m talking about.  The kids driving you crazy and you temporarily leave your body with screaming out of patience rage ugly!  Or, where you and your spouse present to be best friends in public yet when you get home, you and the other half walk in the door together and then part ways until the happy united façade has to happen again.  Or, the person contemplating suicide.  Or, the ugly where you are looking at porn while your other half is taking care of the kids and cooking dinner.  Or, the person who gets home and drinks a bottle of wine or six beers or takes pills to numb the pain of life.  Or, the person who has so much sadness from lowering their standards to the breadcrumbs of mediocrity to a job they can’t stand instead of waiting for the feast of excellence to the job of their dreams.  Or, the person who has to get to the airport in time, but there is traffic and the road rage ugly headed twisted monster appears!  You get what I’m stepping in.  These ugly moments of who we really are. 

The ugly moments of truth that we hide 6-feet deep within because we feel if anyone knows the real us, we feel we would be outcasted to solo land.  Ostracized for life.  Instead we pretend…because no one likes ugly…resulting in hiding our authenticity. Sadly, we hide ourselves so beautifully to the world, and stay brokenly pieced like a mosaic stain glassed window.

So how do we get vulnerable and brave? We have to trust in who we are. Trust we are beautifully created, yet flawed with imperfection.  We are imperfectly perfect.  A beautiful disaster.  Like broken pieces of the stained glass patched together for wholeness, we must own our full selves!  Good, Bad, and Ugly!

It’s time to realize that not everyone will like us (shocker), and be okay with it.  The right people will like us for who we are. It’s time to realize no one is truly perfect.  Anyone who claims to have a perfect life is not really living.  It’s time to realize other people are silently suffering too.  It takes one person to speak up and be honest about their ugly moments.  It’s go-time to be brave and live authentically in a world full of imposters.

Friend, it’s time for us to take off our masks and say how we truly feel, think, want, dream, and need for our lives.  Yes, being vulnerable about our weaknesses, pains, hardships, and struggles are scary because it requires honesty.  But, would you rather have people like the real you instead of a false version of what you pretend to be? You might be able to fake the world, but God knows your truth.  Relish in the truth that you are not alone, we all have ugly moments!

How will 2019 look?  Will it look the same as 2018 or will it finally be the year of yes! Yes to the real you. Yes to getting the help you need. Yes to quitting the job you can’t stand. Yes to taking a chance. Yes to saying goodbye to a cancerous mirage. Yes to owning your good, bad, and ugly and not being afraid to be who you really are? No more regrets, no more hiding, no more wearing a perfect mask, no more suffering in silence, no more being afraid!  You got this!  I believe in you…the real you, the imperfectly perfect you.  Remember, You Matter.

What is your ugly?  How can I pray for you?

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Courage to Persevere Through Struggle

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