Boundaries are a MUST have – 5/52 Blog 2020

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God created me with a naturally happy demeanor….full of life, smiling, pep in my step, birds chirping when I wake up, sun is always shining mentality.  I’m very thankful.  To help keep my joyful spirit in check and maintain my spark, I also created healthy boundaries in my life. 

Coming from an unhealthy childhood and it beginning to weave into my adulthood, I had to make a choice.  Interact with loved ones even though they were a detriment to my health; or to love them from a distance.  I chose the latter.  There are many people who won’t understand why I don’t interact with my family, but it’s not for them to understand.  I know what happens when communication takes place…the light I have slowly begins to suffocate from the darkness, anger, and toxicity.  It’s not their fault, and it’s not mine. We are different people going in different directions, needing different things to survive.  Just like the basics, food, water, oxygen to survive, I would add good mental health to the equation.

I also try to avoid certain situations and the amount of time I spend with people that aren’t aligned with my life direction.  It helps maintain the standards I’ve set for my life and for a healthy mindset to ensue.  It’s not that I think I’m better than anyone, it’s because I know how my heart is conditioned to love.  I tolerate more than I should, forgive more than I should, and expend more energy than I should while trying to keep peace….and it’s tiring. Therefore, in order to have life tranquility, calmness of mind, and no drama, boundaries are the best offense mechanism to have in life other than prayer. 

I would offer to anyone to try and create boundaries for your life, try it for a day at least.  You will see a calmer you, more positive mindset, and less stress.  By knowing what you need (write a list) to live healthy, you will proactively create an environment for you to grow into your best self.   This allows nothing or no one to cross your needs and if they do, then you must deal with their consequences. 

You deserve a great life, so don’t allow it to be compromised.  You Matter too – remember that!

Boundaries = Stronger You

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