2020 BLOG – 4 of 52 – Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed

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None of us know when our last day, hour, or moment will be so I pray we all live each day to the fullest. I pray we look at life differently – appreciate how precious each day truly is – because tomorrow isn’t promised.

My heart aches. An imperfect man who was one of the greatest basketball players of all times suddenly perished along with his beautiful young daughter today. It’s a tragedy for his wife and 3 other daughters. It’s utter sadness for the NBA, devastation for Los Angeles fans who rooted him on for the 20-years he played with the organization, disbelief for fellow basketball players, and an awakening pained shock for the United States. His death is an agony we all feel, and I can’t even begin to comprehend what his wife is going through. She lost her husband and a daughter. It wrecks my heart for her.

In honor of Kobe, I pray we do all we can today and not put anything off for later. I pray we have full lives, and when we take our last breath, we will die empty. I pray we give everything we have, do our best with excellence as the result we seek, and we inspire others to take tangible steps towards their dreams. I pray we love others beyond measure, forgive those who wronged us, serve more people than ourselves, and don’t settle for an average life. I pray our names are in high regard when spoken or thought of by others. I pray we are example of integrity, kindness, courage, servanthood, and honor for others to mirror. I pray we all know Jesus. I pray we use the gifts and talents we are blessed with and, in turn, we sow generously onto others. I pray for those who need healing to no longer suffer from loss, hurt, sadness. I pray for those who feel alone to feel a warmth of hope wrapped around them. I pray for hearts to have peace.

Please do yourself a favor – start living each day likes it’s your last. No regrets. Don’t compromise your life journey for a temporary destination. Focus on significance not success. Build a legacy not a name. Enrich your life with quality – people, circumstances, and memories! Life goes by fast and each day above ground is a blessing not to be wasted.

You Matter – believe it – so you will live it.

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