2020 BLOG – 3 of 52 – Life is Difficult

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Every day we are faced with the hardships life throws at us.  It could be the kids fighting, dog pooping on the carpet, a boss who is threatened by you and makes life miserable, those pesky 5-lbs of extra body fat you can’t lose, disrespectful neighbors, financial bills piling up, trying to keep up with the Jones’, family members who drive you crazy, more things on your plate than you know what to do, doing life alone and praying for a soul mate, doing things you don’t want to do to just past time or to appease someone else, working at a job you hate, trying to beat the cancer or sickness, or dealing with the loss of a love done. 

Whatever the issue, life can get to us down!  Life is not easy; in fact, it downright sucks sometimes! In those hard moments when you can’t breathe, want to scream, or ugly cry, what do you do to relieve the pain?  Grab that bottle of alcohol, swallow pills, grab the phone and gossip ‘woes me’ to your best friend, give in to staying in bed all day, hit the gym, isolate yourself, fake it, practice self-care, or pray for strength to persevere?  So many choices, some good and some bad. But what I’ve learned ~ in the most difficult moments ~ it’s where I grew the most. 

When I thought I couldn’t make it one more second is when I outlasted the day.  Tears turned to triumph.  The brokenness was no more, and beauty of victory took its place.  I learned how strong I am, courageous, organized, or what a hot mess I could be. 

Friend, I don’t know what you’re going through, but I know life is hard, and sometimes it’s even tragic.  But, I ask you to have hope.  Hope says yes to life.  Hope empowers you.  Hope gives you energy.  Hope focuses on tomorrow.  Hope is the difference maker that things will get better.  Hope gives you a reason to see through temporary difficulty and helps you not sink. Hope is sometimes all you have, so grab onto it as your life preserver and stay afloat.   You are stronger than the pain!  You are capable and will overcome.  You are not a victim, but a victor in life. You Matter

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