Bloom Where You’re Planted? – 8/52 Blog 2020

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As a born optimist, I lived by the popular cliché, “Bloom where you’re planted” until I experienced a circumstance myself which contradicted everything I believed in.

Bloom where you’re planted means a person should take advantage of the opportunities they have in their life and be grateful for the present situation.  While I strongly believe in being grateful for opportunities, I now believe you can be miserable in opportunities, but the grateful part is the lesson you learn.

Imagine trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, as you attempt to force it to go into the square hole over and over again, it won’t fit and you end up damaging the peg and reshaping the square hole, which is also damaged.  Now take a flower seed and bury it in rocks, or in the desert, or in soil overgrown with weeds and insects, or in a swamp, or in a pot with sand.  As much as you water that seed, do you think the flower will ever grow from a seed, or better yet, even bloom?  Nope.  Therefore, the answer is to not bloom where you’re planted because it’s impossible.  Solution is you don’t change the flower; you change the environment.

There are times when opportunities just don’t fit us, and as much as we can try and want things to work, it will make us miserable in the process.  Our futile attempts to turn things around leave us saddened, angry, and confused.  We won’t understand what we’re doing wrong, why the situation isn’t working, and we become consumed with fixing it.  But guess what, it will never be fixed, because it’s not us, it’s the environment.  Friend, a flower doesn’t change….EVER!  A rose is a rose, a sunflower is a sunflower, a daisy is a daisy, a carnation is a carnation, etc.  You can’t change what it is, or who you are.  But what you can change is the environment a flower grows in.  You can change the environment you grow in. 

Recognize when things are working well, and when they’re not, understand it’s not you.  It’s the environment.  Negativity, a bad boss, a bad relationship, a harmful friend or family member, a precarious situation to your good mental health….you must remove yourself.  Life is too short and time is too valuable to waste it on people, places, and things that will never allow you to grow into the best version you can be.  There will be environments where you just don’t fit, so I pray you don’t stay in that situation for years as you attempt to fix you or the situation….that will never serve you well.  So, for you to live your best life, don’t change the flower and bloom where you’re planted, change the environment and bloom into what you’re born to become.  You Matter!

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